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Success With Anthony 2.0 – Learn The Whole Package

The Core Components

1. List Building

2. Emailing Marketing

3. Social Media

4. Search Engine Optimization

The Money Is In The List

online money makingThere is a lot of disagreement within the internet marketing community about what works and what doesn’t.

But there is one thing that all marketers do agree on and that’s the money is in the email list.

There is a whole course inside the members area focused on “Email Domination” which includes a 232 page Ebook and a 14 module video course.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Video Modules

I like that the video are broken down into smaller chucks. I find training videos to be much easier to get through when they aren’t hour long continuous videos.

1. Why Email Marketing? 10:12

This is an introduction video that explains what email marketing is and how it is best used. There are three different models that he goes over. The first two models do work, and he fully admits that he has made a lot of money using it.

But the last approach he goes over in the video is the one the course is based around and allows you to get the maximum benefit out of your list.

2. Learning The Basics 8:40

This video gives you an intro into what goes into the whole process. You will learn what goes into each stage. He explains the process in 3 stages; build, send and profit.

In this video Anthony does a great job at breaking down everything so that even if you are a newbie you will get it.

3. Selecting Your Platform 7:18

In this video he goes in depth with his experience with the auto-responders iContact and Aweber, both of which he is currently using.

This video will be really helpful to you if you don’t already have an auto-responder. But even if you already have one you should still check it out.

4. Selecting Your Niche 9:12

target nicheThis isn’t really an email marketing video but it’s important that your list is niche specific. You can’t just build any email list and expect it to make sales for you.

The people who are on your list have to actually want to buy what you are offering. You will learn how to figure out which niches to go into and which ones to stay away from. The top 3 niches are also revealed in this video.

5. Creating Your Premium 5:43

This video will teach you how to increase the number of people who sign up for your list. You have to give people a reason to give you their email addresses, you can do this by giving away something of value to them for free.

6. Setting Up Your List 10:42

This video will show you how to set up your different lists. You will be using an auto-responder to send out your emails which is automated. But you have to tell it what to do first.

7. Creating Your Optin Pages 9:08

There isn’t any point in setting up an email marketing campaign if you can’t get anyone to sign up. This is where optin pages come in. In this video you will learn how you can accomplish this is 3 different ways and the pro and cons to them all.

8. Traffic Techniques 11:03

In order for any of the above to work you need to get traffic to your opt in pages. This is an intro video that goes through free, jv and paid traffic options.

9. Free Traffic Sources 13:24

This is a different video from most others I have watched because he goes over ways to get traffic that gets your more traffic.

Some of the things that are included are article sites, Facebook, forums and more. This video also goes over the stuff that you need on the page that your driving traffic to.

10. Paid Traffic Sources 8:57

You will learn about cost per views vs pay per click advertising. Most courses that I have purchased in the past only go over pay per click so I will glad to see some other options. You will learn how to determine which one will cost you less or make you more.

11. Why Sending Is Important 3:37

This is an intro video giving you a sneak peak of what you will learn later in the course.

12. Sending Strategies

13. Subject Lines That Work

14. Content That Converts



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  • Hey Scott…I have been making a couple hundred dollars a month with some small websites I have in a couple different niches.

    This might be a stupid question but does email marketing work in any niche?

    • Hey Zack, great question. You can make email marketing work in any niche, of course it works better in some niches than other. It is easier to collect email addresses in some niches over others as well.

      But if you get the incentive right then you will get the contact details every time as long as you have traffic to your site.

      Then as long as you give them value in your emails you should have a potential repeat customer for a long time. Take the time to develop a relationship with your list and it will pay off huge in the end.

      You will find a lot of helpful information inside Success With Anthony, he spends a ton of time on this topic. He also takes about how to get people want to give you their email addresses.

      Thanks again for the question, feel free to ask anything else :)

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