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OMG Machines – Over The Shoulder Videos, Local SEO, Affiliate Sites and More

OMG Machines is a structured video training course that will teach you how to make money with local search engine domination (SEO).

This is a little bit different from what you are probably use to hearing about. Everyone hears about selling information products (Clickbank) or physical products (Amazon) but local SEO.

Why Local SEO?

omg machinesThe reason that this is so great especially for new internet marketers is because they is less competition the majority of the time.

For example there are tons of people competeting to get to the top of Google for weight loss tips but not as many for Dallas Dentists. You would be surprised how profitable it can be.

Why Would Professionals Pay Me?

The answer is very simple because you can do something they can’t. They are good at what they do and you are good (or will be good at) getting top results in Google.

There are plenty of local business that are paying for Google adsense to promote their websites. Because they don’t realize they can get the traffic for free with a website that ranks number 1 in Google.

You will have live proof so you can tell them to type in Dallas Dentists and they would see your site at the top. You can get them to pay you “rent” for advertising for them. They will love you for giving them new clients.

I Can’t Get Clients?

I know right know the idea of selling your website to a doctor or lawyer is an intimidating idea. But remember you are going to become the expert for what you do (search engine domination) and they are the expert at what they do.

Confidence Comes With Rankings

Once you get a couple top ranking websites you will gain confidence in what you do. It’s hard not to be confident when you have the proof with you.

You can have a portfolio of number 1 ranking websites that you can show them as proof you know what you are talking about.

Aren’t There Big Companies Doing This

Yes there are big companies that will design a website. Two big problems with this are that they are extremely expensive and not every business can afford it. The other problems is that they don’t rank the website.

A website is only good if you can get targeted visitors to it. If no one knows about your website and they can’t find it in Google what good is it?

A lot of business owners would rather deal with a small company or individual. In an uncertain economy like ours it’s easier to trust someone and build up a relationship with the same person than trying to deal with a company.

Can I Only Rank Local Sites?

No, with the training you will receive you will be able to apply it to other websites like affiliate sites. There are certain sections that are fully dedicated to affiliate sites in the members area.

Who Is This For?

If you are new or relatively new to internet marketing then you are covered by the simple step by step instructions. You will be given a complete timeline about when you should be doing things too.

If you are more advanced and have been doing the online thing for a while you can skim past the parts you know but there is guaranteed to be some learn some more advanced techniques.

Or even if it teaches you how to streamline what you are already doing. If you are looking for really advanced stuff check out the OMG No Hard Barred Coaching Course, more on that below.

So What Will I Learn With OMG Machines

Inside the members areas you will find an over the shoulder video series where you will learn everything from building a website to getting a website to the top of the search engine results. You get to see his example website including the urls so you can check them out for yourself.

This is one of my favorite things about this member is that he provide you will so many different examples where his sites are ranking at the top. Most product owners are afraid to show their money site to their customers.

I have a lot easier time trusting someone who gives out proof of what he is teaching than someone who is just talking about what to do.

You Will Be An Expert When It Comes To

  • Picking niches
  • Choosing keywords
  • How To Set Up And Build Your Website
  • How To Rank Your Website
  • Make Your Site Look High Quality
  • How To Turn Visitors Into Customers
  • And Much More….

Optional Software

You can do the backlinking required without purchasing software but if you want to speed things up or have more than one site on the go you might want software.

Inside you can learn what they are using and they even give you training on how they are using it. They don’t own the software so I think it’s pretty cool that they offer this extra training. It’s a real bonus.

Again software is not necessary to succeed with OMG but if you use it wisely it can really spend up your success.

Upgrade Once You Master The Basic Course

OMG No Holds Barred is an available upgrade where Greg Morrison really steps it up to the next level. He spills the beans on everything he knows. If you have the money to upgrade do it because you will make money a lot quicker that way.

It is a 3 month program intended to jump you ahead months or years. You will have access to live member only webinars where Mike Long and Greg Morrison take members (yours if you want) review it and make suggestions on how to improve them.

They also answer members questions live on the call and they post the replays in the members area so you can watch them when you want. Greg also reveals his domination site inside this course.

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