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Niche Profit Classroom – Profitable Site In Low Competition Markets

What Exactly Will You Learn From The Membership

Niche Profit Classroom will teach you how to make money from niche websites. This includes everything from finding the perfect niche, digging up money keywords, setting up websites, getting backlinks, email marketing (list building) and so much more.

Inside The Membership Area

Below I will summarize all of the different areas you will gain access to once you sign up for NPC (by the way he offers a $1 try for 14 days).

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This is a really cool feature of NPC that most membership websites simply don’t offer. This is a member’s forum where you can communicate with other members and the NPC staff. This is another pretty cool learning place.

The Classroom (Video Lessons and Downloadable Resources)

This is where you will learn how to build websites that will make money on autopilot for months or even years to come.

There are 4 different training courses, each with a different approach for building a portfolio of websites that make money for you automatically.

The 4 different courses are as follows:

  •        Shortcut
  •        Affiliate Mastery (Single Product)
  •        Affiliate Mastery (Multiple Product)
  •       Vendor Mastery


You can find top notch software here including:

  • Market Profiler
  • Keyword Advantage
  • Press Ultimate
  • Mini-Course Wizard
  • Sales Letter Wizard
  • Optin Page Wizard

As you can see this isn’t your typical mickey mouse set of tools. The best part about this software suite is that Adam Short personally uses the same software suite every day in his multimillionaire dollar internet business.

You will have access all of the following:

  • Mastermind Webinars (that Adam runs himself)
  • Q & A coaching calls ( these are live sessions with a NPC coach)
  • NPC Media Center (this is a hidden gem!!) loads

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Niche Packs

Every month you will get two ready-made niche businesses. These are carefully selected because they are very profitable.

Link Tracks

This is a list of high pr websites that anyone can get a link on. I am not sure if this is a paid extra or not. I have several in my account but I know that I have purchased some.

Hot Markets

This is a very specific report put that gives you a very detailed analysis of a profit niche you could/should go into

Time Capsule

This is where you can find extra things to purchase or that you have already purchased. You can buy more Niche Packs,  Link Tracks and Hot Market Packs

Rising Stars

This is a fun little section where you can see stories of other members who are making some good money. Who knows maybe you will be the next featured star!


Each membership comes with built in hosting. This is beneficial for the obvious reason of you don’t have to spend any extra money on hosting.

The other reason that this is fantastic is because getting started is extremely easy and you will be all set up in under 5 minutes.


This is not included in the standard membership but outsourcing is an absolute gold mine if you want to take your business to the next level.

I have personally upgraded my account but I only did this after I had a solid understanding of everything offered and had sites that were already making money.

Give Niche Profit Classroom A Go For Only $1

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